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When selecting a color both HSL and RGB modes can be used. You can also pick a random color by pressing the Rand button.

Below the sliders the representation of the current color is found: the value can be rewritten by clicking on it. This way you can type and load color values directly instead of using the sliders. Both HSL, HEX and RGB values are accepted.
The hexagon displays the current base color, so does the red marker too.

If follow mode is on, changing the base color also changes the scheme on the right. You can load a new base color by a CTRL+CLICK on an element.
You can choose from the "classic" four color schemes. The white markers show the colors used in the scheme. Each scheme can be modified by the Tuner – discussed later.

Two color wheel modes are available: the HSL wheel, based on the HSL color-space and the classic color wheel. For example in HSL mode the complementary color of red is cyan while green in classic mode.
There are also some other kind of color palettes available including a rainbow, inspiration and variants one. In addition you can extract the colors of an image by using the By Image... function.

HSL and Nat(ural) modes define the generation-model of the schemes. In HSL mode colors are more characteristic while in natural mode you get slightly smoother colors and shades. Give them a try!
Use the Tuner to fine-tune your scheme. You will see the small white markers moving while setting the slider. On the scheme on the right the effect of changes can be seen immediately.
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Load a color into the small hexagon by a SHIFT+CLICK on any element. Its conversions are also displayed and for copying they can be easily selected by clicking on them.
The loaded color can be varied in several ways: hue-shifted, saturated, brightened and darkened. The color also can be mixed with another color. To achieve this, click on the Mix With... button and then SHIFT+CLICK on the element holding the other color.

The previously described HSL and Nat(ural) modes are also available in the Mixer.
In the Storage section colors can be saved: click on a hexagon then SHIFT+CLICK on the element whose color you want to save. Click somewhere outside to finish saving.
The scheme can be visualized immediately in the boxes on the right by pressing the Sniff It! button. The colors of the individual box-elements can be also modified: click on an element – its border will change – then SHIFT+CLICK on the element whose color you want to load.

The palette, the storage and the boxes can be exported into PDF and HTML formats.


Spektran.com was created to provide a new approach and a convenient online tool for designers to create color-schemes and inspirations.


Nick Rabinowitz: quantize.js
Eli Grey: filesaver.js, blob.js
Parallax Ltd.: jspdf.js
Léon Gersen: nouislider.js


Any suggestions, bug reports, feature requests are welcome at zoltan@spektran.com.